The company

Nothing is overlooked in the production of Acetificio Scaligero, as the art of quality is followed in the company.
The company

Acetificio Scaligero is located in Veronella, in the lower Veronese area, on the border with the provinces of Vicenza and Padua, in an area whose economy is mainly supported by agro-industrial activities. The company, which has always been run by the Ranghiero family, specializes in the production of quality wine vinegar (in bulk for the canning industries, and bottled for large food distribution centers). The activity of Acetificio Scaligero began in 1973 thanks to the initiative and will of the late and unforgettable founder Enzo Ranghiero. For the Italian food industry, that was a rather difficult period, which, however, gave a glimpse of a future full of prospects. Over the years, in fact, Acetificio Scaligero has become a leader in the North-East of Italy in the supply of wine vinegar. The dynamism and constant pursuit of quality are elements that have characterized and still distinguish the way the company operates. Gradually, during all these years, Acetificio Scaligero has conquered ever larger market shares: in Northern Europe, Japan and China, where the consumption of wine vinegar, by tradition and culture, was negligible.

The Historical Origins and Peculiarities

Acetificio Scaligero was born in 1973 in an artisanal form. The care in the choice of wine and processing followed, since then, the criteria that have led it today to be a highly respected company for the quality of the vinegar produced. From 1973 to today, the company has had constant productivity growth rates, while still maintaining high quality levels. The latter levels which are always placed before the production volume. The total area that the plant currently covers is about 3000 square meters of which over 1500 square meters are covered.

Production methods

Acetificio Scaligero uses two methods to produce vinegar: Method of fermentation on the surface or slow in shavings: where the acetobacteria are bound to the surface of the porous material (wood shavings). Submerged or rapid fermentation method: where the acetobacteria are immersed in the liquid to be fermented. The difference between the two methods is mainly in the reaction speed (much faster with the second method).

The Business Sector

The company produces wine vinegar (in bulk and bottled) for all types of use. Thanks to thirty years of experience, Acetificio Scaligero maintains rigorous care in the processing of various products. The wine comes from selected wineries; fermentation and filtration are particularly taken care of. Nothing is overlooked in the production of Acetificio Scaligero, as the art of quality is followed in the company.